sabato 30 marzo 2013


hi everyone,
my new hardcover artbook, called BANANASHAKE, is officially on KICKSTARTER!!!

It's gonna be a 76 pages hardcover, black&white, and the cover's gonna smell like BANANAS ('cause I'm a genius :D)!!!
Here's the Kickstarter link:


Going on this link you'll find plenty of different ways to support the project:

Pledge $5 or more
Banana Friends! Thanks so much for your support! You'll be mentioned on a special page on our website!

Pledge $20 or more
BananaFlash! The early bird get the banana! The 1st 30 backers get $10 off the cover price. Book comes signed and #'d to 1000 books.

Pledge $25 or more
BananaExpress! For the next 20 backers! You earned $5.00 off the cover price.

Pledge $30 or more
BananaBook! You'll get a signed and #'d copy of BananaShake!

Pledge $30 or more
BananaShirt! How fancy! You'll get a fantastic hand screened limited edition t-shirt of your favorite fruit.

Pledge $45 or more
BananaSplit! Double the pleasure! You'll get a signed copy of both Banana Shake AND Some Like it Rough!

Pledge $50 or more
BananaCombo! Nice Combo! Want the t-shirt and the book? This one's for you!

Pledge $50 or more
BananaSketch! How about a copy of book with a nice head sketch? Done!

Pledge $100 or more
BananaTrueFan! YEAH! Your copy comes with a full figure sketch inside! Yes you can choose (although nothing naughty).

Pledge $150 or more
BananaOutcast! Boom! Not only do you get your copy of the book, but TWO original pages from Valen the Outcast!

Pledge $250 or more
BananaAvenger! Yummy! You'll take home a great original page of Secret Avengers! And the book of course too! Please add the proper shipping. Pages available are: Issue #32 page 9 Issue #34 page10 Issue #36 page 16 Issue #37 page 9 First come first served!

Pledge $350 or more
BananaCommission! Whoa! How about a full 11x17 commission from Matteo? Only 10 will be offered. You'll also get a copy of BananaShake! Please note that Matteo might not draw certain images. Please have 1 or 2 backups.

Pledge $500 or more
BananaV.I.P! OMG! Not only a copy of the book, Not only do you get a page of original art, but YOU get to be in that page!

And please, guys: SHARE THE NEWS!!!



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