domenica 19 agosto 2012

US CONVENTION TOUR - august-october 2012

hi everyone!
In a few days I'll start my new american convention tour, during which I'll attend a bunch of conventions all around US and Canada, here's the list:

-august 23-26: TORONTO FAN EXPO

-august 31-september 3: ATLANTA DRAGON CON

-september 8-9: BALTIMORE COMIC CON

-september 14-16: MONTREAL COMIC CON

-september 29-30: LAS VEGAS COMIC EXPO

-october 11-14: NEW YORK COMIC CON

I'll be sitting all the time at my table in the artists alley (sorry I don't have the table numbers yet), selling prints, my new sketchbook, and doing commissions. If you're interested in being in my commission list, or you want some info about commissions prices, you can get in contact with my art dealer Jason Schachter ( I'll also sell original art of Secret Avengers, Deadpool, Valen the Outcast, and various covers. If you're interested about prices, please visit the Essential Sequential website:

See you soon!!!


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RAWLS ha detto...

I had to cancel my table this year at FanExpo... :( Would have been nice to see you there bro!! Perhaps next year! Have a great time my friend!