giovedì 14 giugno 2012

Secret Avengers, Kickstarter and Conventions

hi everyone,
I've got a bunch of very good news today!
First of all, I'm happy to inform you that we've reached our goal on Kickstarter! Still 65 hours remaining, but we've gone way over 3,500. Thanks a lot to everyone who contributed, I really appreciate that. The new sketchbook is already on its way, ready to be sold at Heroes Con.

Second one is THE BIG NEWS: I'm the new artist on SECRET AVENGERS, written by the great Rick Remender!!! HERE you can find the article on IGN. Thanks to Rick for the incredibly kind words. My run starts with issue #29, here you'll find some images taken from that issue. I'm pretty happy with those pages, had a blast working on them and I love Rick's ideas, and I'm very curious to hear your opinions about them!

SECRET AVENGERS #29 will be out on july 25th
cover artist- ARTHUR ADAMS
colorist- MATT WILSON

Third news is about Heroes Con and San Diego Comic Con, since I'll be attending both!!!
As for Heroes, you'll find me in the Artists Alley, table AA-631. As for SDCC, I'll be seated at the Essential Sequential table, booth #5557.
I'll be selling my new artbook SOME LIKE IT ROUGH, prints, and of course I'm open to commissions! Please get in contact with my art dealer Jason Schachter ( for pre-orders or infos about prices, etc...

Hope to see you there!!!


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Anonimo ha detto...

'Tacci tua Mattè...che cosa me sei diventato...bravissimo cazzo!

Mi ricordo i tempi del forum di graphite, che già si vedeva cha avresti spaccato di brutto. Io invece che allora pure c'avevo belle speranze non combinerò un cazzo e manco a pagamento riesco a migliorare... ' tacci miei.

In culo alla balena per tutto Matt.


Michel Mammi ha detto...

sei fantastico man!!!!

flaviano ha detto...

mamma che spettacolo ste tavole! le tumblero immediatamente.

SexDraws&Rock'nRoll ha detto...


Fales ha detto...