lunedì 16 febbraio 2009

Back from NY!!!

Hi everyone,
I'm gonna tell you something that you've never heard from anybody:


Maybe someone has already told this.


I'm a moron :P

Anyway, as you can see, I and my friend Alessandro :iconalessandromicelli: totally enjoyed our vacation in NY! The weather was fortunately fine and people were GREAT! My god, I could never find so kind people here in Europe! You're the best, guys! Love you!

You can find a kind of compilation of pictures here

I met a lot of people at the Con, new and old friends, unfortunately I missed someone ( Kweli AKA Chris Copeland and and Matt Waite, again, I'm sooooooo sorry!!!), and I missed some sketchbooks I absolutely wanted to have (LeSean's one and Sanford Greene's one...damn!).

My "Con best Cosplayer Award" goes to the AMAZING li'l Wolverine. I swear, I laughed for about 10 minutes. Simply incredible. you can find a picture down here.

My "Con best purchase Award" goes without any doubt to an original HellBlazer page by the amazing talented :iconseangordonmurphy:, actually one of my favourite artists (psssst, guys, if you want an advice, go and buy some of his stuff: for that quality, I can say he's practically givin'it for free!).

I had some meetings with various publishers, expecially Marvel and DC; and it's always the same story: "man, your pages rock, you've got a very cool style....BUT....We actually do not have a contract for you, 'cause you've got a too extreme style, maybe in the future.... not a good period for cartoony styles :)

Madison Square Garden was GREAT, and fortunately the Knicks had a great game until the 4th quarter, so it's been a very riveting game. I've also heard that the stadium is goin' to be crashed and re-builted, so I can consider myself lucky, 'cause I've had the chance to see the old one before the re-construption :)

Unfortunately we didn't see a lot of the cultural part of the city, we only had a panoramic view on the Empire State Building (so we can at least say that "we saw EVERYTHING on Mahattan" :D :D :D ) and a less more...You know, when you see shops that sell things at 10, while the same things cost 40 in Italy...well, you're practically FORCED to spend the entire time into shops!!! :D (and the entire money...sigh!)

There's another ton of things to say, but I don't want to bother you guys anymore, so I'm going to close with a little advertising:
please go and take a look at , a wecomic written by the great Adam P. Knave and illustrated by me. Few art, but tons of fun, trust me!!!



5 commenti:

Adam P. Knave ha detto...

Hey man it was great to meet you! Glad you had a good time in town. As for those Marvel and DC guys who think you're stlye doesn't work for them - HA! We'll show them.

PEPPE4OKI ha detto...

Ma che belle foto!..emblematica quella del cesso intasato.
Concordo per il "nano" vestito da Wolvie è davvero uno scialo! Io starei ancora li per terra a ridere..
Peccato per i tuoi incontri,
..non capisco a me sembra che le tendenze di questi tempi diano più ragione ad uno stile come il tuo, magari per progetti un po più sperimentali (ok ci puo stare) ma di certo non da negarti una eventuale collaborazione.
Poi di certo non conoscendo tutta la discussione prendo cazzi in aria diciamo.
é più un disappunto da "tifoso sfegatato" che da navigato tecnico dell'arte sequenziale purtroppo.

Lara West ha detto...

Ho già una nostalgia tremenda...!

Matteo Scalera ha detto...

@ Adam:
it was great to meet you, man! Unfortunately we missed the party, sigh!
No problem with DC and know, the mainstream...ah! :P
Good Luck, my friend!

purtroppo non è un bel periodo per gli stili cartoon, c'è poco da fare... Comunque non dispero, ci saranno tempi migliori; e comunque il lavoro - non sarà certo marvel o DC - ma non manca, fidati! ;)

@ Lara:
non dirlo a me...sigh!

Anonimo ha detto...