venerdì 14 novembre 2008

Who wants to buy my Artbook?

hey guys!
I've just created an account on PayPal, so I'm finally ready to sell the remaining copies of my artbook "I'M MY OWN BEST FAN - 100% SELF-CELEBRATIVE"!

Some infos:
-48 pages
-measurements: 21 X 29,7 cm (8.25" X 11.7")
-on every book I'll add a sketch

- PRICES (ships costs are already included, obviously :P):

for U.S. citizens - 35 dollars

for European citizens - 25 euros

for Asian citizens - never sent anything to Asia, I need to check out the prices, sorry ;)

for Italian citizens - 20 euro (spedizione tramite PostaCelere 1 plus, arriva in un giorno senza nemmeno un graffio). PAGAMENTO TRAMITE VAGLIA ;)

If you're interested, please write a comment or write me an email.

GRAZIE! (thank you!)


4 commenti:

Bohrer ha detto...

Dude, your work rocks!!!
I want to buy your Artbook, which e-mail that I can write more to talk to you about this and other things (comics, art and things like)?

All the best!

Matteo Scalera ha detto...

hey! thx!
Please write me on airkilla(at)

kalonji ha detto...

no doubt am in !!there no doubt that i want your book!! where can i proceed ? am based in geneva switzerland !!

thanks for sharin your great work!


Jo ha detto...

Yup. Live in asia,all the way in India,but i would love,love love to buy the artbook,although the cost conversion is a bit heavy for the Indian market,but hell totally worth it! Quote your price? P.S. your work on "Things wrong with me". Might be just heads..but man,what heads.