martedì 15 aprile 2008


here are the 4 main characters of HyperKinetic (out on july under Image Comics):

she is the unofficial leader of Hyperkinetic. She is sarcastic and has blonde hair. She has this weapon that is like a yo-yo except the circle is made of laser (like a light saber) and the diameter of the circle can expand to the size of a head. She wears a glove on her right hand to use this laser yo-yo which she keeps strapped to her side.

she is Chinese (born in Scotland). She is quick to anger and likes to act tough.

she is a fun bubbly alien girl. She's really into fashion so she always pays attention to style instead of functionality of her outfit.

she is Brazilian-Russian. She is shy and an introvert. She is actually the best marksmen of all of the Hyperkinetic Team, but lacks the initiative to prove it.

sabato 5 aprile 2008

HyperKinetic (Image Comics)!!!

Hi everyone!

I'm just writing to inform you that I'll have a book published on July by Image Comics:


written by Howard Shum, pencilled and inked by Matteo Scalera (yes, it's me!!!:)), and colored by Oscar Celestini; alternate cover by the great Mike Wieringo (R.I.P.).

The story is a kind of mix between sci-fi, action and humor; it speaks about four intergalactic highly skilled female bountyhunters pursuing an elusive prey.
They end up going through a wormhole and crashing on a weird alien planet. They now have bigger concerns such as giant killer robots and crazy aliens.

Here's the 2 advertising pages from Previews (april issue)

I'm very excited about this book coming out, we're honestly proud of our work on it and we hope that a lot of people will like it!



Ciao a tutti!

Scrivo per informarvi che un mio nuovo fumetto uscirà in luglio sotto Image Comics (U.S.A.):


scritto da Howard Shum, disegnato e inchiostrato da Matteo Scalera (esatto, io) e colorato da Oscar Celestini; Cover alternativa del mitico Mike Wieringo (R.I.P.).

La storia è un misto fantascienza/azione/umorismo e narra di 4 cacciatrici di taglie interstellari che, durante l' inseguimento di un pericoloso criminale, si schiantano su uno strano pianeta, dove si troveranno a dover affrontare pericolosi robot assassini e insoliti alieni.

Sopra potete vederne alcune pagine in anteprima su Previews di aprile.
Sono molto esaltato per l 'uscita di questo fumetto, ad essere onesti siamo decisamente orgogliosi del nostro prodotto e speriamo che possa piacere a molti!